VIDEO:  A start-to-finish look at a chocolate-covered cherry cottage industry.
NOTES: In a tiny quilt shop in Barboursville, W.Va., a woman has perfected the chocolate covered cherry. No, you can’t have the recipe, even for $100,000. Co-produced by Maria Young and Douglas Imbrogno
SOUNDTRACK: “Brightly Fancy” by Kevin Macleod
LENGTH: 2 min 23 sec

VIDEO: An ornamental operation
NOTES: At The Bear Wood Company, they specialize in hand-hewn wooden images in the shape of  West Virginia, often made from reclaimed wood. Three years ago, they began making ornaments in the shape of the state. They sold a few dozen. Now, they sell thousands.
LENGTH: 59 seconds

RELATED STORY: Bear Woods is a cool and innovative wood products company. Here is a 2017 Charleston Gazette-Mail profile of its founder, Matt Snyder.

VIDEO: The business of transforming hay trolleys
NOTES: Bryan Eads of Charleston, W.Va., came across a cool, industrial-looking device in an antique shop a few years ago. “What’s that?” he asked. It was a hay trolley, a cast-iron device that was a key piece of farm machinery in the late 19th century through to the mid-20th century. It was used for hoisting hay bales into haylofts. Eads had the bright idea — literally — to turn one into a chandelier. Now, he spends much of his free time making hay trolley chandeliers and lamps in the workshop beside his home. For more on his trolley pieces, visit http://harmonyridgegallery.com, the website of the Lewisburg, W.Va., gallery where he sells his pieces.
LENGTH: 2 min 29 sec