VIDEO: A look at why ‘Mentoring Matters’ for youth facing tough times.
NOTES: A video shot and produced in association with Morgado Design for The Education Alliance, West Virginia’s premier statewide, nonprofit research and K-12 public education fund. The video profiles mentors in the Alliance’s ‘Walk the Talk’ program, who work with at-risk high school kids facing all sorts of stresses at home and in daily life.
LENGTH: 5 min 38 sec


VIDEO: 9 Ways of Looking at ‘Hallelujah’
NOTES:  Acclaimed metal sculptor Albert Paley’s monumental sculpture, “Hallelujah,” sprouted almost overnight (well, over the course of a weekend) in front of the Clay Center in Charleston, W.Va., in October 2009. The reaction to the 198,000-pound sculpture was immediate in a city and state where high-ticket monumental sculpture is as rare as straight roads. While fans of art and culture were happy to have this sculptural visitation from a much larger city, commentators to the local media dunned the nearly million-dollar sculpture as a rattletrap junk heap. In other words, the usual reaction to contemporary art. It is true that the sculpture, with its upward-thrusting lines, its meant-to-weather Cor-Ten steel and bronze elements going green, bears a resemblance to a wrecked interstellar rocket ship. That’s a compliment, by the way. For those of us who have come to appreciate passing it on our daily commute into town, it is a welcome bit of visual flair to an otherwise mundane cityscape.
SOUNDTRACK: ” Fortune” by Lucas the Flow
LENGTH: 3 min 15 sec


VIDEO: Lucas the Flow in action plus more.
NOTES: An older promotional video from WVTV: TV and The Web Theater, featuring some live action performances by Lucas the Flow performing a remix of Sinistarr’s remix of “Ice Black” by Bao Guido, plus “Exoplanet” by Lucas the Flow. Plus, video excerpts from TheWebTheater archives including a cameo mouth organ appearance by Lori McKinney at the Room Upstairs in Princeton, W.Va.
LENGTH: 4 min 41 sec

VIDEO: Recalling 29 lost miners.
NOTES: Sometimes, the simplest exposition is best. Here is a memorial slideshow to the 29 miners, ages 20 to 61, who died in the April 5, 2010, explosion at the Massey Energy Upper Big Branch Mine near Montcoal, West Virginia. This was originally produced for the Charleston Gazette in Charleston, W.Va. But every time former Massey Energy Don Blankenship, who headed Massey Energy at the time, is in the news, the video garners more viewers.
LENGTH: 2 min 41 sec
SOUNDTRACK: “Andante Quieto,” by the New Arts Trio from the CD “Harold Hayslett: A Musical Tribute” (

VIDEO: An historic overview of how West Virginia’s population went from lean to not-so-lean, with a corresponding rise in chronic health issues.
NOTES: “The Shape We’re In” was a powerful year-long series of articles in the Charleston Gazette by Kate Long, that delved deep into the chronic health problems in West Virginia and the many people and programs focusing on improving the shape of the state’s population. I was the video feature producer for the series.  The series  won the 2013 top award for public service reporting from the National Association of Health Care Journalists.

VIDEO: “Boom Boom: The Video”
NOTES: Affrilachian poet and native West Virginian Crystal Good reads her poem “BOOM BOOM,” set to some vivid video imagery in this production by TheWebTheater. The poem reflects on mountains devastated by strip mining and mountaintop removal and imagery of women who strip off their clothes for money. “I see the mountain as a woman,” says Good. “This poem is about strip mining as much as it is about gender. A heavy equipment operator working on an above-ground mine site is doing what he feels he has to do — sometimes life doesn’t give us many options and sometimes the consequences of few employment options are more than we expected. And it’s also hard for a stripper to reclaim her reputation — just as it’s impossible to put back a stream or a mountaintop once it’s gone.”
BLASTING FOOTAGE: Courtesy of Evening Star Productions
ALL OTHER FOOTAGE: Paul Corbit Brown
DANCING: Exotic dancer ‘Boom Boom’
PLEASE NOTE: All footage is copyrighted by its owners and all rights are reserved. Absolutely no reproduction allowed without permission of the owners. CONTACT: info@

Still image video capture from "Boom Boom: The Video."
Still image video capture from “Boom Boom: The Video.” | all right reserved

VIDEO: It’s an Italian Grandma thing
NOTES:  This is some decades-old footage I repurposed, so as to share some classic old-school Italian family memories. My cousin Bev is  official channeler of our Grandma Catherine’s spirit. This was from one night around 2000 when the cousins gathered at an Italian restaurant near Cleveland, Ohio, the night before a family reunion.
LENGTH:  4 min 26 sec

VIDEO: Who makes the art?
NOTES: This was a promotional video for Third Eye Cabaret, a listening room performance space I founded in Charleston, W.Va. The current incarnation of the Cabaret takes place at The Fireside Lounge above the Little India restaurant on the West Side of Charleston, W.Va.
SOUNDTRACK: Vocals by Kathleen Coffee from a late-night jam at The Room Upstairs in Princeton, W.Va.
LENGTH: 1 min 10 sec