VIDEO: Crowdsourcing the 2018 WV Teacher Strike : PART 2
NOTES: I will admit: I  love the dumb bunnies set-up in this video. Of the hundreds of videos I have created, this is one of my personal favorites (including timing the piece to Lucas the Flow’s killer soundtrack “Angelic”). This crowdsourcing technique is a fascinating way to tell a complex story, although when you get nearly 500 submissions it is a LOT of work sifting through them. The newspaper would never have been able to show-and-tell all that’s covered in these crowdsourced videos with just staff content. It was like having eyes and ears everywhere. Plus, a whole lot of the reader-submitted content was shot with smart phones held vertically, as opposed to the usual horizontal aspect ratio of most feature videos. But here’s the cool thing: strip three vertical smartphone photos (or videos) together and you cover the horizontal screen. Layer and fade and you can get some pretty interesting effects — dumb bunnies included. Take a look.
— Crowdsourcing the 2018 WV Teacher Strike : PART 1
Day 8 of the 2018 WV Teacher Strike: Bands, banjos and honks
— The Charleston Gazette-Mail’s 2018 Teacher Strike Roundup Page


VIDEO: A look at why ‘Mentoring Matters’ for youth facing tough times.
NOTES: A video shot and produced in association with Morgado Design for The Education Alliance, West Virginia’s premier statewide, nonprofit research and K-12 public education fund. The video profiles mentors in the Alliance’s ‘Walk the Talk’ program, who work with at-risk high school kids facing all sorts of stresses at home and in daily life.
LENGTH: 5 min 38 sec


VIDEO: An historic overview of how West Virginia’s population went from lean to not-so-lean, with a corresponding rise in chronic health issues.
NOTES: “The Shape We’re In” was a powerful year-long series of articles in the Charleston Gazette by Kate Long, that delved deep into the chronic health problems in West Virginia and the many people and programs focusing on improving the shape of the state’s population. I was the video feature producer for the series.  The series  won the 2013 top award for public service reporting from the National Association of Health Care Journalists.

VIDEO: It’s an Italian Grandma thing
NOTES:  This is some decades-old footage I repurposed, so as to share some classic old-school Italian family memories. My cousin Bev is  official channeler of our Grandma Catherine’s spirit. This was from one night around 2000 when the cousins gathered at an Italian restaurant near Cleveland, Ohio, the night before a family reunion.
LENGTH:  4 min 26 sec

VIDEO: A profile of the grinning, picking and floating at Grinfest
NOTES:  Take a visit to GrinFest 2012, a musical gathering alongside the Greenbrier River in the heart of West Virginia, with excerpts of songs by the Spurgie Hankins Band, The Tom McGees and other performers as well as the life of the festival by day and by night.
LENGTH: 10 min 17 sec