VIDEO: “It’s a Cuba Thing.”

BACKGROUND NOTES:  Early in 2019, my wife and I took a cruise to Havana, Cuba. The attraction being, well, Havana, and also the wonderful singer-songwriter Susan Werner, who gave two concerts— one going, and one coming back, upon the high seas. Along the way, I interviewed her, talking about her songs inspired by past trips to Cuba.

This video marks the debut of a new web show called “THE LISTENING ROOM,” featuring intriguing people put into a room and listening to them about what they do (and think and sing and more). In this case, the listening room was a cabin on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship somewhere between Havana and Miami (my first oceanic interview). I interspersed the interview with shots I took while in Cuba. Let me know what you think.

PRODUCTION NOTES: This is a Medium-Fi  Production. I interviewed Susan with my iPhone and also my new Sony a7 mirrorless camera, which, frankly, intimidates me, still. On the other hand, the full-frame 4K sensor allowed me to snap shots from moving tour buses and the backseat of a 1958 Chevy, which in post-production I could crop in on without losing any resolution. Amazing. It made for some cool scenes you’ll see in the video’s still photography.

PS: Susan Werner is one of my top 5 fave singer-songwriters of my life. Let’s see. Who are the other 4? Off-the-top-o’-my-head: Elton John (Bernie Taupin)/Neil Young/David Byrne/Cat Stevens/Springsteen/Foy Vance/Midge Ure ….. Oops. Went over my limit.


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