VIDEO: ‘A Westy Retrospective’

BACKGROUND NOTES:  I wrestled all four years in high school. My senior year, way back in 1975, we had a farewell-to-the-seniors gathering in the Forest Park High School cafeteria. Our much beloved coach Ed ‘Westy’ Westerkamp  was there, along with the other assistant coaches,  wrestlers and Wrestlettes (the wrestling team version of cheerleaders who also helped with matches and invitationals). I got up to speak and said to Westy how much we appreciated him and that we hadn’t gotten him a remembrance yet. But that: “It is coming…”  It has bugged me all these years that I  never delivered on that promise. Then, I thought: ‘Wait, Doug, you’re a social media video producer. What about a ‘Westy Retrospective’ video?!’ Hence, dear Westy, and assistant wrestling coaches Noltemeyer and Swihart—and any wrestlers, wrestling sympathizers out there—I present to you:  ‘A Westy Retrospective.’ It’s a little bit of social history of us all from back in the day. And, as Westy observes at the end, about wrestling’s status as one of the oldest sports in human history: “You either wrestle or you run! Those are the two main sports!”

PRODUCTION NOTES: This is a pretty ‘lo-fi’ media production, with the interviews shot with an iPhone and a $10 lavalier mic, then edited in Final Cut Pro X.

SOUNDTRACK: The soundtrack is “Rosie’s Lullaby,” composed by Bob Webb off my first CD, “Saint Stephen’s Dream” under the title of garagecow ensemble, an ad hoc recording group of some of the best players in Charleston, WV. I am pleased to see the songs off that CD have somehow migrated onto Spotify, iTunes and Amazon (where you can nab the tune for 99 cents.) I include the link not because I am encouraging you to send me some pocket change (which you are most welcome to do). But just because there is even such a link to be had. Which is still cool to this old-school/new-school guy,


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