BACKGROUND NOTES: While trying to turn on one of the TVs in my Italian aunt’s house, I hit the wrong button. There ensued two mornings and half of an evening of trying to figure out how to get the channels to come back.  At one point, brother David picked up my aunt’s magnifying glass and tried to marshal old-school technology to understand one of them newfangled dee-vices.

CREDITS: “EYE SEE YOU” stars David Imbrogno | An original FILM del FRATELLO Lo-Fi, Hypershort Media Production of TheWebTheater.com | Shot on location in the Italian Lake Country of Ohio, US of A | Grazie molto for Production Assistance, Magnifying Glass and Cookies and Danishes by Zia Teresa.

NOTE: An Official Lo-Fi Media Production, meeting the One-Two LFM Standard. Produced in less than an hour (actually less than 10 minutes), using hand-holdable devices and no more than two applications/pieces of equipment, in total.  In this case, one: Slice. 


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