“Guiding Light,” a cover version of the Foy Vance song by Douglas John

Had a rough day. I decided to end it with recording a music video of the gorgeous Foy Vance song “Guiding Light.” May it spark a slightly better few minutes for you in your day. After I posted this to Youtube, a dear dear friend passed away at age 82, part of my karass. I re-edited the song to include a homage to Chuck at the end. And sang it at his memorial service in his name and honor. Fare thee well, Chuck!

This music video meets the standard of our Lo-Fi Media Production Manifesto: ‘Performed, Produced and Released in less than 6 hours.’ In this case,  using Garageband, Final Cut Pro X, a Yeti Blue mic and a Mac laptop.,  In the spirit of wabi sabi imperfection, we leave in at least one imperfection. In this case, see if you can hear where I clear my throat.


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