“Guiding Light,” a cover version of the Foy Vance song by Douglas John
BACKGROUND NOTES: Had a rough day. I decided to end it with recording a music video of the gorgeous Foy Vance song “Guiding Light.” May it spark a slightly better few minutes for you in your day.
PRODUCTION NOTES: A late afternoon and evening with Garageband and then Final Cut Pro X, recorded to a Yeti Blue Microphone.  This music video meets the standard of our Lo-Fi Media Production Manifesto: Performed, Produced and Released in less than 6 hours. In this case,  using Garageband, Final Cut Pro X, a Yeti Blue mic and a Mac laptop.,  In the spirit of wabi sabi imperfection, we leave in at least one imperfection. In this case, see if you can hear where I clear my throat.


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