VIDEO: “Boom Boom: The Video”
NOTES: Affrilachian poet and native West Virginian Crystal Good reads her poem “BOOM BOOM,” set to some vivid video imagery in this production by TheWebTheater. The poem reflects on mountains devastated by strip mining and mountaintop removal and imagery of women who strip off their clothes for money. “I see the mountain as a woman,” says Good. “This poem is about strip mining as much as it is about gender. A heavy equipment operator working on an above-ground mine site is doing what he feels he has to do — sometimes life doesn’t give us many options and sometimes the consequences of few employment options are more than we expected. And it’s also hard for a stripper to reclaim her reputation — just as it’s impossible to put back a stream or a mountaintop once it’s gone.”
BLASTING FOOTAGE: Courtesy of Evening Star Productions
ALL OTHER FOOTAGE: Paul Corbit Brown
DANCING: Exotic dancer ‘Boom Boom’
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Still image video capture from "Boom Boom: The Video."
Still image video capture from “Boom Boom: The Video.” | all right reserved

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