VIDEO: Recalling 29 lost miners.
NOTES: Sometimes, the simplest exposition is best. Here is a memorial slideshow to the 29 miners, ages 20 to 61, who died in the April 5, 2010, explosion at the Massey Energy Upper Big Branch Mine near Montcoal, West Virginia. This was originally produced for the Charleston Gazette in Charleston, W.Va. But every time former Massey Energy Don Blankenship, who headed Massey Energy at the time, is in the news, the video garners more viewers.
LENGTH: 2 min 41 sec
SOUNDTRACK: “Andante Quieto,” by the New Arts Trio from the CD “Harold Hayslett: A Musical Tribute” (


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  1. Ruth Caldwell Reply

    This is still fresh in our minds and so sad. It’s like 911. Never can or will be forgotten. The families will always be in our thoughts and prayers. God be with them always.

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