Douglas Imbrogno
Douglas Imbrogno

Greetings. TheWebTheater is  a multimedia portfolio and a showcase of the kind of work I and my compatriots do with video shooting,  editing, slideshows and wherever else multimedia storytelling is headed.

You’ll find ultra-short videos here, narrative videos,  business profiles, audio slideshows plus ‘mini-docs’ or mini-documentary style profiles like  the one on the mysterious paintings in a 19th century farmhouse or how the Charleston Gazette-Mail won its 2017 Pulitzer Prize. The site features a preponderance of my work for the Gazette-Mail, including collaborations with other staffers there, as well as multimedia work I’ve done for other individuals, organizations, music videos and other side features and passion projects.

Just give me a shout and let’s discuss if you have multimedia work projects. I am also available for training in multimedia shooting. I also offer low-cost (sometimes no-cost) services to budget-stressed non-profits doing the work of the angels.

I am also a proponent of ‘lo-fi media,’ as a means of producing great work without the stress of madly morphing techno-change. What is ‘lo-fi media’? Manifesto to come since it’s always fun having a manifesto.

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Douglas Imbrogno | Founding Producer

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